Planning, Building & Development in Devonport

If you are building or changing the way you use your land you may need a planning permit and/or a building approval.

Planning permits relate to the use of land in accordance with the planning scheme.  A planning permit allows land to be subdivided, developed or used for a particular purpose, such as the use and construction of a house and any associated works; tree removal or to operate a business or other commercial activity.

Building approvals relate to structures and are required to ensure a construction complies with the Building Regulations 2016.

The Building Act 2016 and the Building Regulations 2016 were introduced in January 2017. They regulate building and plumbing work in Tasmania. 

The  Building Act 2016  takes a risk-based approach to building approvals.  Some low-risk and medium-risk building and demolition work can be done without seeking a building permit from Council.

Building determinations are provided by a private registered building surveyor.

When a planning permit is required, it will need to be approved prior to a building determination being provided. Building approval must be consistent with requirements of the planning permit.

We provide assistance and advice about construction and land use in Devonport.

Prior to commencing any works consult with a planner to see if a planning permit is required, and then consult with a building surveyor.

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A Checklist of owner responsibilities for building works approvals is available.

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